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Optical Video, Voice, and, Data.

Optical Voltage, Inc. plans, designs, integrates, installs, troubleshoots, and, maintains all types of voice, data, and, video low-voltage systems in commercial and residential environments!

Our Services

optical voltage lightning bolt Optical Voltage, Inc. is a Voice, Data, and, Video Integration Corporation. optical voltage lightning bolt

The Optical Voltage, Inc. Formula

This is how we strive to accomplish each job to the highest quality standard imaginable.

1 Planning

Optical Voltage, Inc. technicians plan each job by heading to the site and assessing client needs during our quotation stage. From there or back at our office we formulate a plan based around multiple pricing quotations for the client.

2 Designing

We utilize a wide array of design tools during the planning and design phase of each project. It's during this phase when we can design topology maps and simulated models detailing everything from lengths of cable drops to wifi coverage mapping.

3 Installing

During the installation phase, Optical Voltage, Inc. is actually on site implementing the design plan and completing installation schedule milestones.

4 Integrating

The Integration phase happens before, during, and, after installation and allows Optical Voltage, Inc. to incorporate any additional existing low-voltage sytems into your new project! For instance, during a new wireless network install - it's during this phase when we may integrate your existing security cameras into your new wireless network architecture.

5 Troubleshooting

The troubleshooting phase usually comes in the form of the actual task at hand regaring existing systems. In regards to new system installs... troubleshooting is usually unnecessary but sometimes product defects may arise and this phase if required will ensure your services are accesible and reliable.

6 Maintaining

Secure systems require maintenance and updates. That's precisely what this phase is for... ensuring all your devices are physically maintained (free of performance inhibiting dust) and updated with latest feauture and security enhancements software updates offered by product vendors.

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