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We install, troubleshoot, maintain, and, design custom and retail camera systems.

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Camera Systems By Optical Voltage, Inc.

Whether you need an entire camera system install or just additions or replacement components to existing systems... Optical Voltage, Inc. has you covered. Camera solutions are one of our primary services and arguably the solution we have the most experience in providing. We provide the following types of systems:

Wired Camera Systems

Due to the additional security provided by wired systems such as being more along the lines of a CCTV system and less prone to outside wireless sniffing and denial of service attacks we recommend those customers with a serious emphasis on a secure premises utilize these types of systems. Our wired systems depending on your budget can include additional tamper-proof installs and secure wiring conduits. Wired systems provide the following advantages over wireless camera systems:


Wired camera systems are not prone to degraded structural signal quality like wireless camera systems can be. Wired systems have the added benefit of being able to route around signal deafening materials albeit wired systems will require a more professional installation.

Enhanced Reliability

Wired camera systems do not rely on limited power sources like many wireless systems do. Wired camera systems often are power-over-ethernet (POE) or have a stand-alone power supply unit to ensure that the camera's feed and image quality always remain stable. Wireless camera systems often are reliant on battery sources and can cause outages and additional routine maintenance.

Closed circuit

Wired camera systems can be entirely isolated of network traffic unlike most wireless camera systems which must be integrated into existing wifi networks. This means wireless camera systems video quality is entirely dependent on the amount of available wifi bandwidth and depending upon peak usage is subject to interference. This is especially problematic if a malicious user targets cameras and DVRs directly intending to cause a denial-of-service which can render systems offline or cause severe lag.

Wireless Camera Systems

Wireless camera systems are by far the most flexible in terms of placement and the easiest to install. Some systems even have additional power source options. Higher end wireless camera systems also include enhanced security features to try and mitigate common problems found in lower-end systems. The trade off for wireless systems is the cost-per unit or system is usually higher than comparable wired systems however the overhead of a wired system install can neutralize or even make more expensive wireless systems the more viably affordable option.

Easy to install

Wireless cameras are often installed on a camera basis and can even forgo having a central connection hub like a DVR utilizing the cloud for storage. This makes it easy to add and remove cameras and the amount of camera nodes is not dependent on fixed switches or DVR ports.

Common Camera System Components

Listed below are some of the most common components you'll need for your new camera system. While we will go into greater detail during your actual quotation process and tailor your system to meet your needs... we figure some basic information to give our clients a better understanding of what they will encounter couldn't hurt!

Common Terms You'll Encounter
  • PTZ : Pan, Tilt, Zoom - this refers to cameras and camera systems that allow the end or remote user to actually move the camera in an XYZ manner.
  • DVR: Digital Video Recorder - this is the camera controller appliance and video recording device in one usually... the cameras feed to the DVR which then utilizes a wide variety of recording techniques such as writing to a video compliant hard disk or storing video on the cloud!
Camera Types

Camera selection can at times seem like a daunting task. And it's actually one of the most important pieces of coverage mapping regarding a new system. Depending on what you need your eye in the sky to capture... there's almost certainly a camera design that can handle the task. Listed below are some of the most commonly used camera styles in today's systems:

  • Bullet Cameras
  • Dome Cameras
  • Flex Cameras

Most of today's camera systems have the options to include audio recording, night vision, and HD recording.

Custom Camera Solutions

Optical Voltage, Inc. can create custom designed integrated camera solutions for needs out the traditional usage such as security or monitoring. For instance, we have extensive point-of-sale system integration experience and it's common to integrate cameras at the point-of-sale to monitor cash draws and customer purchases.