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We can streamline and upgrade your meetings process to a next-level epidemic and eco friendly operation status.

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Conferencing Solutions By Optical Voltage, Inc.

Whether you just need a simple voice conferencing solution or a full-blown interactive post-covid remote conferencing solution Optical Voltage, Inc. can definitely help! One of our primary skills is integrating conferencing into existing VOIP and low-voltage smart systems. These services do generally go hand in hand such as integrating individual and remote office video phones into your corporate board or planning conferencing rooms. However, we can also build you a state of the art integrated conferencing center designed to seamlessly cover and accommodate all meeting types.

Conferencing integration solutions span a wide variety of potential applications as well. Conferencing hardware is often integrated into team chats such as Slack or Microsoft Teams and project management systems such as Jira or Salesforce to provide real-time customer relations and workflows. We can handle some of the most common workflows imaginable for team conferencing and communications. Optical Voltage, Inc. actually has reference verifiable developer operation conferencing integration (DevOps Conferencing) which are often times very complex applications and systems that run many moving parts across many platforms. Don't let your own imagination be the limitation of your designs! Contact Optical Voltage, Inc. today and lets work together under the two heads are better than one mantra and come up with nothing short of greatness... together!