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Wireless to us is like bread is to butter. It's our forte.

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Wireless Networking Solutions By Optical Voltage, Inc.

Optical Voltage, Inc. offers a Wireless Networking Solutions for both the Residential and Commercial consumers. We offer wireless system solutions tailored specifically for your budget. We can provide or utilize provided/existing equipment and we don't limit our projects towards any one specific device manufacturer.

Residential Wireless Network Solutions

Not satisfied with your internet providers basic modem wifi? Need better coverage in and around your home? Most consumers do. Especially with the ever growing demand of bandwidth and device usage on home networks. Your average home can easily have over 10+ devices connected to your network at any given time such as desktops, laptops, gaming systems, security systems, and, televisions just to state a few. With such a growing connected household upgrading your homes wireless capability is nearly an essential if you don't want to constantly be frustrated with lag and delays.

Optical Voltage, Inc. can help upgrade your home wireless network to take maximum advantage of every ounce of bandwidth your ISP feeds you and help improve coverage accessibility by installing additional access points and upgrading to faster networking standards.

Commercial Wireless Network Solutions

Whether your operating a Hotel or a Metropolis, Optical Voltage, Inc. has the skills and experience needed to design and implement reliable, fast, and, secure wireless coverage for your accessibility needs. We can design WAN (wide-area network with city-to-city coverage), MAN (metropolitan-area network inner city coverage), and, LAN (local-area networks usually reserved to a single site or many near site buildings) based wireless networks.